Refugee Blockchain Identification

The largest problem facing refugees inside refugee camps is their financial and identity security. I learned this while talking to a friend who had worked in a refugee camp one summer, and it guided the mission of our makeathon project.

The largest problems refugees face after getting to a camp, is their lack of opportunities in and after it. They are bored in the camps, and have no way of making money, building experience, or avoiding boredom. To attempt to solve this problem, our project created an integrated trading/identification platform, built on the blockchain.

Each refugee could use biometric data (fingerprint scanners) to sign into their account. Mobile phones are plentiful in refugee camps, and they would serve as their “wallet”. The app keeps track of a cryptocurrency they can trade within the camp. They can sell services or products through the platform, and pay for them with the same wallet.

The purpose of the blockchain identification system was to allow for a way to build credit that was tied to their identification. After their stay in a refugee camp, refugees struggle to find jobs in the countries they seek asylum in. This platform would provide a central, trustworthy, credit record. It would open up doors, and help to reintegrate them back in the society.