Personal Electric Vehicle

I traveled to Hong Kong to work with an international team to design and manufacture a novel electric vehicle. There were 12 students forming 2 multidisciplinary and multinational teams to build 2 cars that would race each other. We were given full design freedom with the cars and had to finish it within 8 weeks.

After many intense design reviews and build sessions, we completed the construction of a car that could move in nearly any direction from a stand still. Our car could move sideways, thanks to our design of a 4 wheel steering system. I also incorporated autonomous features into the car so that it could be self driving.

Through the process, I became proficient in rapid prototyping, managing workflow, and computer vision. This project played well with my interest in hardware centered software and design engineering. I had to optimize my vision algorithms to operate on lower powered computers, and because the back wheel was turning, the physics were new as well.

We also implemented control loops to regulate speed, and to maintain the angle of steering for our back wheel system. Using a feed forward loop, we translated the steering of the front wheels (that was controlled by a human), to the motor that would steer the back wheel.

Recently, our group was featured on a SiriusXM feature podcast. We spoke about our project, and the future of self driving vehicles.

Technologies used:

  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • OpenCV
  • Agile
  • Arduino
  • Raspbian