Delivery drones are a fascinating invention and a potential game changer. We may never have to leave our houses! But as it currently stands, drones cannot fly very far. On the other hand, trucks are long haul machines with real estate that is unused. What if drones could use that platform as a long distance travel pad, and fly when it is near its destination?

This fixes the problem of long distance delivery by breaking it up into two parts. Trucks are always on the highways going from state to state. It would be simple for a drone to hitch a ride by landing on the top of one and latching on. From there, the drone could determine when it was closest to the destination house, and fly off the truck and drop off its package.

Other additions could include a charging station on the landing pad on the truck. Drones could fly to a truck, charge up, and fly away.

The drones would have to know the trucks’ routes, and plan out deliveries from that knowledge. They would also have to have a secure way of remaining on a fast moving truck. However, if all this is achieved, companies like Amazon would not need to worry about building warehouses near every single city, and could trust that drones could actually travel far distances using the trucks as a transportation method.